Saturday, September 26, 2015

Preparation Day in Cahuachi

Cahuachi is a site of ruins approximately 2000 years old, found very close to Nazca.  If you are interested in the details, you can find more information HERE. One of the members of the church in Nazca offered to bring us there and to be our guide.

We were driving the "small" car on this trip, which meant the Assistants would not be able to come along, since the Tajedas and the guide would be riding with us. So sad! 

But Pdte thought "maybe there are seats in the back of that car." And we checked, and by golly, there were! 

The Assistants tried them on for size and declared they were perfectly comfortable!

"Lots of room," they said!

This picture is taken from the parking lot of one of the chapels in Nazca.
See that white mountain?
That is a SAND DUNE! Thousands of feet high! Larger than the nearby mountains.

Cahuachi proved to be fascinating. It was not crowded. It is very isolated. There were few others who were there. There were paths marked with white rocks to show you where to walk (and where you should not walk).

Here are some unrestored walls.

Restored sections

There were some holes here and there along the way,
providing ventilation to the underground structures.
Some of them were quite deep. Some were not.

Close examination of one of the deep holes!

There were pottery fragments scattered everywhere.
It is (exceedingly) illegal to bring any ceramics out of Perú, so here they all stay.

On our way back, we passed several small cemeteries out in the middle of nowhere.

Then we stopped to visit a marvelous ancient aqueduct, still functioning today. It gathered water from three springs. One of the trees there (not the one with the large branch over the aqueduct) is believed to be at least 1000 years old. Perhaps 2000.

Pretending to lose their balance...

A bad picture from an interesting angle.

You can see how green it is here
as the aqueduct brings the water away from the springs

Another bad picture (sigh).
This is someone's house. In the middle of nowhere.

What a great afternoon.

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