Thursday, September 17, 2015

Roosters Above Us

When I said in the last post that I had pictures of companionships from one zone? That wasn't exactly true. I had pictures from TWO zones: CaƱete and Chincha. 

And I missed THESE pictures from Chincha.

One of my favorite parts of Interviews is getting to know the missionaries and hearing their experiences and stories. I have to say my favorite story from this round of interviews had to be the missionaries who live BELOW 40 roosters. Hearing them describe their mornings was hilarious.

They said the first one always began around 4:00 am. And then the others joined in one by one until they were all crowing.

They never had any difficulty keeping the mission rule of Rising and Shining at 6:30 am!

The best part of all was the good humor they demonstrated. There was no tone of complaint at all. It was all laughter (although I'll bet if I spoke to them early in the morning they would be feeling less jolly about the whole matter).

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