Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So Long. Farewell. Auf Weidersehen. Good-bye.

We started in early June and made the rounds.

First stop - Hamilton and Brampton - to say good-bye to Doug and Jane and Grandpa (and Maeby).

First thing Doug and Jane taught Maeby was how to sit on a couch!
She was a quick study!

Next we had to say good-bye to Stu, since he was going to Europe for a work trip before we were leaving.

Then, of course, we finally had to pack up all our things and say good-bye to Mary as we finally moved out of her house (sort of. She is still storing the things we treasure most - like family history and photo albums).  

Boo Hoo. No. Seriously. Boo Hoo. That was a tough good-bye.

Next - fly to Houston to say hello and good-bye to the crew down there!

The day we left we snuck in a quick trip to the Houston Museum of Natural History. We went to the butterfly garden. Who knew the twins were terrified of butterflies?!?

Covering his mouth and head so the terrifying butterfly doesn't fly IN or ON! 
Both little boys did this.

Meanwhile these three are standing like statues, hoping a butterfly will land on them.
This doesn't even take into account all the good-bye parties, movies, phone calls, and dinners along the way. There have been more than a few tears shed in the month of June.  Three years seems like a long time when you are standing on the front side of it.

We are so grateful for friends and family who have all been so supportive of our leaving them all behind. We are so greatly blessed. 

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