Thursday, July 16, 2015

Being Set Apart

In our church, when you are called (asked) to perform any calling (job/assignment) in the church, first you receive a blessing. We call it being "Set Apart."

Mission Presidents and their wives are set apart by one of the Twelve Apostles in our church. It's a pretty big deal, and a rare opportunity.

Boyd was to be set apart by Elder Christofferson on the morning of the day we went into the MTC. He invited Elder Falabella, a Seventy (the Seventies work to help the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in their duties throughout the world), to assist him, and I was set apart by Elder Falabella. We could invite friends and family to participate. It truly was a joy to share it with those who were close enough to attend.

Somehow these pictures were the only two with Jamesy in them.

When we lived in Northern Ontario and our children left on missions, my parents would pick them up and the airport and host them until they entered the MTC. They would take them to Chuck O Rama for their last meal before dropping them off. And so - Alma insisted that we do the same. After being set apart we all headed over to Chuck O Rama for one last lunch.

The Loveland children were entertained on Temple Square by their cousin Katie while we were being set apart.
It worked out perfectly!

We all said our good-byes in the parking lot, and then Alma drove us to the MTC, and dropped our huge pile of luggage and ourselves off at the door! And so it begins.

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